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    Security Guard Course


    Security Training:

    We provide quality training knowledge to those completing our security course.

    Our course provides you with the appropriate knowledge and qualification to obtain your security license. It includes First Aid and CPR training to assist in medical emergencies.

    We train you to meet the highest possible professional standards and grant you a security license.

    Additional courses and certifications available to you at PPS Inc. are EMR course (Emergency Medical Responder), Handcuffing, Tactical Training and Baton (TTB), Handcuff and Baton Training.

    • Mobile Patrol
    • Alarm Response
    • Parking Enforcement
    • Night Club / Bars
    • fairs
    • Special Events
    • Site guard
    • loss prevention
    • Parking enforcement

    Online Security Course

    We offer:

    • private security &investigative Services acts & Ministry code of conduct
    • Basic security procedures
    • Report Writing
    • Health & safety
    • Emergency Response Preparations
    • Canadian Legal system
    • Legal Authorities
    • Effective Communications
    • Sensitivity Training
    • Use of force theory
    • Emergency Level first aid Certification (in class only)
    • Written exam

    Get your online courses now (register via email)

    For $169 + HST (normal level classes)
    for 295$ + HST (Extra level *includes First aid and CPR)
    First aid/ CPR certificate requires to meet ministry requirements

    *No Refunds On Courses.